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Ultrasonic Cleaning

You may ask, "Why use

Ultrasonic Cleaning?"

  • Ultrasonic cleaning is fast, efficient, and completely safe.  
  • It is very affordable.
  • It makes your window covering look as new as possible.
  • No dangerous chemicals or moving parts are involved in the cleaning process.
  • Ultrasonic eliminates dust, bacteria, odors, smoke, and other germs that cause allergies.
  • Within our ultrasonic cleaning tanks, transducers create sound waves.
  • These sound waves produce microscopic bubbles that implode (not explode).
  • This implosion creates unique scrubbing and vacuum jet streams that pull dirt away from an object.
  • This combination of heat and pressure creates a highly efficient cleaning process.
  • The bubbles are so small that every nook and cranny is cleaned.
  • This includes most stubborn dirt, mildew, and smoke.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning improves the appearance of your blinds.
  • It also improves the quality of health in your home or organization.
  • The process helps fight allergies.

  • It increases your indoor air quality
  • It removes irritants from all parts of your window coverings.
  • It gently and thoroughly removes dirt, soil, dust, and germs from blind's surfaces, inner-workings, strings, fabrics - all without damaging the blind's finish!
  • It can remove a year's worth of smoking damage.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is the best way to protect your investment.
  • Why spend hundreds of dollars on your blinds after choosing your perfect color?
  • You can keep your chosen window covering looking perfect by having it cleaned regularly.
  • Don't waste your money to replace your window coverings!
  • SAVE NOW by calling us to clean and/or repair what you already own!

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